Yo! So I finally got Petite Etrangere Myu Pamphlet, thus completing my BIG SeraMyu Pamphlet collection!


Also, some of my pamphlets have signatures:

From Gaiden K:


From Eien Densetsu FFS:



Why YES! That is Naoko-sensei’s signature! <3

From Kaguya K:


And La Reconquista:







Chronos Guardian lineart by MusicalGrl1016
I’m gonna color this tomorrow. I was so inspired by “Chronos Guardian” in Petite Etrangere!!! SO GOOOD


Chronos Guardian lineart by MusicalGrl1016

I’m gonna color this tomorrow. I was so inspired by “Chronos Guardian” in Petite Etrangere!!! SO GOOOD

I figured out when Satomi switched places with her double to transform while in Saphir’s lab.


Head phones President performing Labyrinth in Shibuya, 2011.


Petite Etrangere Cast hung out, 15 September 2014

Taken from Ishii Mikako’s twitter. 

セーラー戦士達に会えるの本当に嬉しくて、嬉しい!でもバイバイした後の寂しさが尋常じゃないから…つらいです(笑) 写真、わたし…見切れたでござる〜〜![x]

カラオケの前にヒカリエの期間限定セーラームーンSHOPにもいってきましたよ〜☆わぁ!セーラームーンだ!とニコニコと見ていらっしゃる方達を見て…勝手にこちらまで嬉しくなりました(´;ω;`)笑 セーラームーンは夢と希望!愛![x]

カラオケなう(p゚∀゚q)アニソン歌うぜええええ!!byおおくぼさとみ [x]

Karaoke now (p゚∀゚q) Time to sing the anime songs !! by Okubo Satomi


恐れ多くもForbidden Hades熱唱させていただきました!!!!!


Now, just now!

I was allowed to sing Forbidden Hades!!!!


ミカコ×カノンのハイレベルのライオン聞けて私幸せ。2人の歌声大好き♡ さーとん [x]

I’m happy that I can hear Mikako x Kanon’s high level lion*. l love both of their voices  Saton

Sakata Shiori Twitter Translation

ミュージカル黒執事☆ さとみ、かのん、ゆうちゃん、みかちゃんと見てきました♡*⑅ 楽しかったぁ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡ 

The Black Butler Musical  I saw it with Satomi, Kanon, Yu-chan, Mika-chan ♡*⑅ It was fun ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡ 

Translator Notes:

Looks like Satomi hijacked Mikako’s twitter. 

Also I have no idea what she meant by ライオン other than lion. Um.

It also looks like Koyama couldn’t make it. 

I watched Petite Etrangere tonight. I really liked it. I’ll do a more complete review later. I have to be at work early.


Demand and Safir, together again.


Second shot from Kuroda Yuri’s Blog


This made me tear up. I’ve been reading tons of snotty comments all day complaining about how we were slow to release PE and I’ve been fucking pissed. I’m so glad you understand!! <333 All my feels for you right now srsly ILU BBY
I think its just a generation problem - loads of “younger” people who didn’t live through the great translation/downloading problems of the 90s and early 2000s don’t realize that it takes A LOT to translate Japanese media accurately - hell, I’m not even happy with the shoddy translations I do of the Takarazuka OG blogs/Petite Etrangere Cast Tweets because I can’t convey what they mean in English properly. Anime episodes only run less than 20 minutes most of the time and they use rather simpler Japanese - fandom forgets that musicals are not only done live, but the dialogue is closer to how real Japanese is spoken and don’t have the same ADR process as anime episodes/Japanese movies have (where a scene can be redone 10000 times to make a conversation understandable and clear). 
Still forever grateful you subtitled La Reconquista and introduced me (abiet indirectly) to the Takarazuka fandom. Also a really suave Mamo-chan that didn’t exist in the previous musicals. 
In short - fandom please don’t complain - one day you may be left with an unsubtitled version (or no raw at all).

A message from sailorshinku

Where can I watch Petite Étrangère with English subs without downloading?

I do not think there is a place yet. You may have to wait until Miss Dream (or someone else) puts Miss Dream’s translation on YouTube. As far as I know, the only video of it that isn’t a download, is the one I linked here. And that one wasn’t there at 3am pacific when I went to bed. Shouldn’t be too long though before the subbed one shows up. :D